Right to Work in the UK

Eligibility to work in the UK must be confirmed before the employee starts work.

The right to work check will indicate that a person has provided evidence for the right to work in the UK using copies of documents that would be accepted by the UK Home Office, based on up to date UK Visa and Immigration guidelines. UK and EEA nationals have this right but must still be able to prove it; others will likely need a permit.

Right to Work check confirms whether the applicant has the right to work in the UK and if there are any stipulations, such as an expiration date or job role restrictions.

It’s important to note that a DBS check does not provide evidence of a person’s right to work in the UK. You must do a separate check to make sure an applicant is allowed to work in the UK which also includes roles for voluntary work.

SCR Tracker can perform these checks automatically for you, or you can record them manually.

For further reading please see https://www.gov.uk/check-job-applicant-right-to-work