Single Central Record (SCR)

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Who should be on the Single Central Record?

All members of staff must be listed including teacher trainees on salaried routes, agency and third party supply staff.

In colleges, this means those providing education to children and, for independent schools, all members of the proprietor body. In the case of academies and free schools, this means the members and trustees of the academy trust.

It must also show anyone who is unsupervised at any point with any of the children at the school including volunteers


All Governors now require a DBS check and should be included in a section on your SCR


If they work with children or have unsupervised access to them in your school they should be included (in a separate section) on your record.

Supply Staff

You should ensure that you have written confirmation from the agency that they have carried out all the necessary checks for every member of staff they supply to you (and attach this to the record). They must also tell you when there is any information revealed on the DBS disclosure. We would recommend a model which allows you to check online and see a photo of the person who is being sent to your school.